Cryptosporidium spp. Subtyping by Sanger Sequencing

Laboratory Fee Schedule

Procedure Number: N/A

  • Cryptosporidium spp.; Subtyping; Sanger Sequencing; Cryptosporidium; Crypto; Cryptosporidiosis; Nested PCR
Requisition Form
  • G2-B
Test Description
  • Subtyping of Cryptosporidium spp. by nested PCR and Sanger sequencing.
Pre-Approval Needed
  • N/A
Supplemental Information Required
  • N/A
Supplemental Form(s)
  • N/A
Performed on Specimens from (sources)
  • Human
Sample/Specimen Type for Testing
  • Stool
Minimum Volume/Size Required
  • At least 500 µL
Storage/Preservation Prior to Shipping
  • Raw stool and unfixed stool should be maintained between 2–8° C. 
  • Fixed stool may be shipped at room temperature.
Transport Medium
  • Raw stool, or stool in Cary Blair medium
  • Stool treated with non formalin and PCR compatible fixatives
Specimen Labeling
  • At least two patient identifiers required on specimen (e.g., patient full name, date of birth, medical record number). (two unique identifiers is the minimum)
  • Identifiers on specimen must exactly match identifiers in submission form.
  • Additional DSHS specimen labeling guidelines available at:
Shipping and Specimen Handling Requirements
  • Ship according to Dangerous Goods Regulations, IATA, and/or CFR 49
  • Category B Biological Substance, UN3373 shipping requirements apply
  • Submitters are responsible for packaging and shipping specimens according to regulatory requirements.
  • Additional DSHS specimen labeling guidelines available at:
  • Nested PCR and Sanger sequencing
Turn-around Time
  • 14 working days 
  • Only samples positive for Cryptosporidium can be subtyped.
Common Causes for Rejection
  • Inadequate specimen volume 
  • Improperly stored
  • Not stored cold
  • Dried specimen
  • Specimen over 2 years old
  • Failure to meet shipping/transportation guidelines 
Additional Information
  • N/A