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TB Surveillance Resources and Reporting Instructions

Laboratory Reporting Requirements

Dear Colleague Letter, May 21, 2021 (PDF)
TB Isolate Shipping Instructions (PDF)

Reporting Suspected and Verified TB Cases

The Report of Verified Case of Tuberculosis (RVCT) is the national surveillance form used by all states and territories to report TB cases to the CDC. The data are collected by local and state programs and submitted electronically to the CDC. The data collected are used to monitor TB trends, identify priority needs, and create annual surveillance reports.

Tuberculosis Suspected Case Verification Report (PDF)
Case Verification Report (PDF)
CDC Report of a Verified TB Case (RVCT) Form (PDF)
CDC RVCT Instruction Manual (PDF)
CDC RVCT Participant Manual (PDF)
Training slides on 2020 RVCT revisions (PDF)
Training slides on 2020 RVCT – Case Studies (PDF)
2020 RVCT Reference Manual (Word)
2020 RVCT Form (Word)

Reporting of Latent TB Infection

CDC Latent TB Infection (LTBI) Surveillance Manual (Word)
CDC LTBI Reporting Form (Word)

Reporting Evaluation of Recently Arrived Immigrants and Refugees

The Electronic Disease Notification system (EDN) is a centralized electronic reporting system that notifies US state and local health departments and screening clinics of the arrival of refugees and immigrants with health conditions requiring medical follow-up. EDN was developed by CDC in 2006 and is used under the authority of the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 US Code 1522). (CDC)

CDC TB Follow-Up Worksheet for Class B Arrivals (PDF)
CDC Guidelines for Medical Examination of Immigrants and Refugees
Tuberculosis Technical Instructions for Civil Surgeons

Weekly Reporting of TB Concerning Events

Weekly Report of New Concerning Tuberculosis (TB) Events (DOC)

Transferring of TB Cases and Contacts Within the US

Interjurisdictional transfers are supported by the National Tuberculosis Controllers Association (NTCA) to promote continuity of care for TB patients who move from one jurisdiction to another during the course of TB treatment. This system also assists in completion of contact tracing for contacts who move prior to TB evaluation.

  • The Interjurisdictional Notification (IJN) referral forms were updated and finalized in August, 2022.
  • There are separate referral forms for Active/Possible TB, TB Infection, and Contacts.
  • At the end of each form is a Follow-up Information section.
  • All the new IJN referral forms, instructions on how to use them, and the list of IJN TB referral points of contact can be found on the National TB Controllers Association website

International Transfers of TB Case and Contacts

CureTB connects TB cases and contacts to public health authorities and healthcare services when they move outside the U.S.

CureTB Transnational TB Notification (PDF)
CureTB Contact/Source Investigation Notification Form (PDF)
CureTB Website

Transfers of Migrant TB Cases and Contacts

Migrant Clinicians Network / Health Network, formerly TB Net, is a multinational patient tracking and referral system aimed at maintaining continuum of care for mobile, underserved populations. The Health Network provides comprehensive case management, medical record referrals and follow up services to TB patients as well as other acute and chronic illnesses. The patient base includes migrant workers, the homeless, immigration detainees and prison parolees. Enrollment in the Health Network is free but must be initiated by a health care provider and requires the patients participation signature.

Enrollment in Migrant Clinicians Network/Health Network requires:

  1. Consent for Release of Medical Information (signed and dated by the patient)
  2. Participant Information Sheet
  3. Medical Records and/or summary of next steps

Migrant Clinicians Network/Health Network

Last updated August 19, 2022