Fecal ova and parasite exam, concentration and trichrome stain

Laboratory Fee Schedule
Procedure #:  MPAR002A
CPT: 87177, 87209

Synonym(s): Parasitology; intestinal parasite examination, fecal O&P Entamoeba sp., amebiasis, amebic dysentery, Balantidium coli, Balantidiasis, Ova and Parasite, Blastocystis sp., Dientamoeba fragilis, Diphyllobothrium latum, Diphyllobothriasis, Pinworm, Enterobius vermicularis, Enterobiasis, Giardia duodenalis, Giardia lamblia, Giardia intestinalis Giardiasis, Soil transmitted helminth, helminth, Strongyloides stercoralis, Strongyloidiasis, Tapeworm, Taeniasis, Taenia sp., Hymenolepis sp.,  Trichuris trichiura,  Trichuriasis, whipworm, roundworm, hookworm, Clonorchiasis, Clonorchis sp., Ascaris lumbricoides, Ascariasis,  Schistosomiasis, Schistosoma sp.
Requisition Form G-2B
Test Description Microscopic morphological examination for the detection and identification of intestinal parasites using the formalin ethyl-acetate and trichrome stain procedures.
Pre-Approval Needed N/A
Supplemental Information Required N/A
Supplemental Form(s) N/A
Performed on Specimens from (sources) Human
Sample/Specimen Type for Testing Human Feces preserved in 10% formalin and PVA fixatives (complete O&P kit)
Minimum Volume/Size Required Approximately 5 ml in each container.
Storage/Preservation Prior to Shipping
  • It is recommended that a normal examination for intestinal parasites include 2-3 specimens collected every other day.
  • Place feces in preservatives as soon as possible  
  • Store at ambient temperature
Transport Medium 10% formalin and PVA fixatives (O&P kit)
Specimen Labeling
  • Two patient-specific identifiers required (e.g., patient full name, date of birth, Medical record number)
  • Identifiers on specimen must exactly match submission form.
Shipping and Specimen Handling Requirements Ship samples: 
  • according to Dangerous Good Regulations, IATA, and/or CFR 49
  • handling as infectious agent using universal precautions
  • triple-contained in accordance with federal shipping regulations for infectious agents
  • as Biological Substance Category B
  • at ambient temperature
Method Microscopic examination of a formalin-ethyl acetate concentrate and trichrome stained smear
Turn-around Time 3 days
  • A complete O&P exam must include examination of a concentrate and stained smear (include formalin and PVA specimens)
  • Barium, mineral oil, bismuth, and non-absorbable antidiarrheal preparations may interfere with parasite detection. 
  • Antibiotics may diminish the numbers of protozoa.
Common Causes for Rejection
  • No specimen received.
  • Expired media
  • No identifiers on container
  • Unpreserved feces submitted.
Additional Information
  • Call Medical Parasitology at 512-776-7560 with questions about specimen collection and handling. 
  • Call Lab Reporting at 512-776-7578 with questions about submission forms. 
  • Call Specimen Acquisition at 512-776-7569 with questions about shipping.