Measles (Rubeola) Real-Time RT-PCR

Specimen Collection Procedures

Laboratory Fee Schedule
Procedure #:  MZZ0750A
CPT:  87798

Synonym(s): Measles (Rubeola) PCR
Requisition Form G-2V
Test Description Testing of suspected measles samples to detect the presence or absence of measles virus RNA in symptomatic patients.
Pre-Approval Needed Contact your local or state epidemiologist if measles is suspected.  View contact information.
Supplemental Information Required Date of onset
Supplemental Form(s) N/A
Performed on Specimens from (sources) Human
Sample/Specimen Type for Testing Nasopharyngeal swabs, throat swabs, and oral swabs.
Minimum Volume/Size Required 1-2 mL
Storage/Preservation Prior to Shipping Keep cold or freeze.
Transport Medium Universal transport media (UTM) or viral transport media (VTM).
Specimen Labeling Tube must have two forms of identification, preferably full name and DOB.
Shipping and Specimen Handling Requirements
  • If specimens will arrive at the lab within 48 hours of collection, refrigerate at 2-8 ̊C and ship overnight on cold packs.
  • If specimens will arrive at the lab more than 48 hours after time of collection, freeze at   -70 ̊C and ship overnight on dry ice.
Method Real-time RT-PCR
Turn-around Time 2 business days
  • False negative may result if specimen is improperly collected, transported, or handled.
  • Detection of viral RNA does not imply that the corresponding virus is infectious or is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.
  • A negative result does not preclude infection.
Causes for Rejection Information on the form and tube do not match, failure to put two forms of identification on tube, specimen received cold greater than 48 hours after collection, specimen received ambient, submission of incorrect specimen type.
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