Microbiology Lab Tests - N

Naegleria fowleri (Identification and Culture)  
See also primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM)
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Test Includes: Culture, microscopic examination


Results Available: 3-10 days

Contact #s: (512) 458-7560


Method: culture, microscopic examination


Turnaround Time:  3-10 days

Reference Range:   No parasites found

Limitations: organism must be viable

Interpretation:  No parasites found indicates that there were no visible parasites or viable parasites consistent with Naegleria detected in the specimen.

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Collection: CSF, tissue

Sample Type: CSF, tissue, corneal scrapings

Volume/Amount Required: 1-2 ml CSF, small piece of tissue

Preferred Specimen:  CSF, tissue, corneal scrapings

Collection/Preservation: Obtain the tissue or corneal scrapings aseptically.  CSF is collected by spinal tap.  Keep specimens at ambient temperature.

Storage Instructions: Ambient temperature, never frozen.  May be maintained at 4° C for < 24 hours.

Causes for Rejection: Insufficient specimen; frozen tissue.

Sample Container: sterile, leak-proof container

Sample Test Kit:

Availability: Monday-Friday
With prior notification: Saturday.

Diagnostic Information:  See primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM)

Specimen Submission

Required Request Form: G-2B

Specimen Handling: Handle body fluids using universal precautions.

Transport Temperature:  Ambient temperature

Shipping Requirements: Shipping Requirements: Triple contained in accordance with federal shipping regulations for diagnostic specimens.


CPT Code: 87177



Nosocomial Infections

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Test Includes:


Results Available: Contact #s:


Turnaround Time:  7-21 days Reference Range:  By report
Limitations: Interpretation:

Specimen Requirements

Specimen Collection: Sample Type:
Volume/Amount Required: Preferred Specimen:  Pure cultures safely contained.
Collection/Preservation: Storage Instructions:
Causes for Rejection: Sample Container:
Sample Test Kit: Availability:
Diagnostic Information:  Molecular epidemiology techniques available for hospital and similar institutional outbreaks.  Contact Laboratory for collection and shipping instructions.  Environmental specimens from infection control programs are not accepted.

Specimen Submission

Required Request Form: G-2B Specimen Handling:
Transport Temperature:  Ambient (Room) temperature Shipping Requirements:


CPT Code: Fees: