Rabies Virus Antigen Detection by Direct Fluorescent Antibody, Cell Culture

Laboratory Fee Schedule
Procedure #:  MCM0301A

Synonym(s): Cell Culture Confirmation by DFA, Lyssavirus
Requisition Form G-9
Test Description Testing of brain tissue for viable rabies virus by inoculation of mouse neuroblastoma cells with specimen brain tissue.
Pre-Approval Needed N/A
Supplemental Information Required N/A
Supplemental Form(s) N/A
Performed on Specimens from (sources) Deceased Non-Human Mammals
Sample/Specimen Type for Testing

Brain tissue from:

  • All large animal specimens negative for rabies virus by DFA testing.
  • Specimens with inconclusive or unsatisfactory results by DFA testing.
  • Weak positive specimens needing amplification for monoclonal antibody typing.
Minimum Volume/Size Required
  • Animal head with intact brain (whole carcasses of small mammals such as bats, rats, or mice are accepted).
  • Fresh brain tissue: complete transverse cross section of brain stem and a cross section of the cerebellum and/or hippocampus.
Storage/Preservation Prior to Shipping
  • Store at refrigeration temperatures (2°C–8°C). 
  • Do not submit live animals.
  • Do not preserve tissue in formalin.
  • Do not freeze.
Transport Medium N/A
Specimen Labeling Specimen labels and identification must match submission form.
Shipping and Specimen Handling Requirements
  • See Rabies Specimen Shipping and Packing here.
  • Ship according to Biological Substance, Category B UN3373 shipping requirements.
  • Cell culture.
  • Fluorescent microscopy.
Turn-around Time 16 days
Interferences/Limitations Decomposition or destruction of brain tissue.
Common Causes for Rejection
  • Insufficient specimen submitted (minimum volume not met). 
  • Improperly stored specimen (extreme heat, fixed in formalin).
  • Failure to meet shipping or submission guidelines.
Additional Information This is a confirmatory test only and cannot be requested by submitters. 
Laboratory will determine testing need.