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Draft and Proposed Rules - Medical Device Manufacturers and Distributors

Licensing of Device Distributors and Manufacturers

Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 25 - Health Services
Part 1. Department of State Health Services
Chapter 229. Food and Drug
Subchapter X. Licensing of Device Distributors and Manufacturers
Amendments §229.434

The Executive Commissioner of the Health and Human Services Commission, on behalf of the Department of State Health Services (department) proposes amendments to §229.434, concerning the licensing of device distributors and manufacturers. Title 25, Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Chapter 229, Subchapter X, §229.434, concerning Licensing of Device Distributors and Manufacturers is being amended to implement provisions of House Bill (HB) 1395, 83rd Legislature, Regular Session.

The proposed rules were published in the May 30, 2014, issue of the Texas Register (39 TexReg 4120) for a 30-day comment period. The proposed rules are available for review on the Texas Secretary of State website.

Comments on the proposed rules may be submitted to:
Tom Brinck, Manager, Drugs and Medical Devices Group
Policy, Standards and Quality Assurance Unit, Environmental and Consumer Safety Section
Division for Regulatory Services
P.O. Box 149347, Mail Code 1987
Austin, Texas 78714-9347

Phone: (512) 834-6755 extension 2388
Email: Tom Brinck

Comments will be accepted for 30 days following publication of the proposed rules in the Texas Register

Last updated April 17, 2020