Annual Survey of Hospitals 2021 DSHS/AHA/THA Annual Survey of Hospitals

Please print the following PDF files and retain the documents as reference for the 2021 online survey process.

Introduction (PDF 147kb)
Walk-Through (PDF 1,687kb)
Overview (PDF 83Kb)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 153Kb)


Access the 2021 Online Surveys at

The Hospital Survey Unit will not accept hard copies of the Annual Hospital Survey and the Annual Statement of Community Benefits Standard Survey. To enter your data, you must access the 2021 online combined questionnaire at the link above. For a working copy, please download from the following list:

Please click on the following definitions for Serious Reportable Events in Healthcare1 and Health Level 7.

Serious Reportable Events (Never Events) in Healthcare (PDF 8kb)
Health Level 7 (PDF 6kb)


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