Our Mission is to protect and promote the health of the people of Texas. We use the principles of epidemiology to:

  • Operate disease registries
  • Conduct disease surveillance
  • Investigate unusual occurrences of disease
  • Assess environmental exposures
  • Conduct population research studies

in order to identify populations at risk, understand the cause of disease, and recommend actions to reduce risk.

Epidemiology Program Overview

  • Detect, respond to and investigate reports of communicable disease
  • Actively monitors disease incidences within the region to rapidly detect and address disease outbreaks, including bioterrorism events
  • Coordinate rapid response to High Consequences Infectious Diseases (HCID)
  • Promote comprehensive outbreak surveillance and investigation methodologies.
  • Promotes clinical awareness of notifiable diseases. 
  • Compile statistical case investigation data.
  • Coordinate planning efforts with public health disciplines and agencies to ensure surveillance mechanisms are in place
  • Provide technical guidance to officials in local, state, and federal agencies as well as medical providers

Disease Reporting
24/7 Disease Reporting Line
Phone: (888) 847-6892 / Fax: (915) 834-7842


PHR 9-10 Map large 

Program Directory

Name Title Phone Email Office Address
David Kolberson, RN, CCHP Program Manager (915)

401 E. Franklin,
Ste. 210
El Paso, TX 79901

Vanessa Palacios, BSP, MCJ Epidemiology Supervisor (915)
Rebecca Basurto-Gonzalez, BS              Program Specialist III (915)
VacantEpidemiologist I n/a n/a 
Vacant Program Specialist IIIn/a n/a 


Regional Reports and Statistics

PHR 9/10 Local Health Departments


Last updated February 13, 2020