Texas Vaccines for Children - Texas Public Health Region 7

The Texas Vaccines for Children Program (TVFC) makes vaccines available to eligible children in Texas. These vaccines are available at no cost to providers, in order to immunize eligible children (birth - 18 years of age). These vaccines are supplied to doctors, local health departments and Department of State Health Services Sub-offices to be administered to eligible children. For more information call the Immunization Division at 254-778-6744

To find immunization literature and current materials, or to read testimonials of parents that have been affected by Vaccine-Preventable Diseases visit www.immunize.org

To enroll in the TVFC Program, a provider must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete and return a Provider Profile Form and a Provider Enrollment Form agreeing to screen eligibility of children who are:
    • Enrolled in Medicaid
    • Uninsured
    • Underinsured *
    • American Indian
    • Native Alaskan
    • CHIP ** and,
  • Retain a record of the Eligibility Screening Form and,
  • Comply with the Recommended Immunization Schedule and,
  • Immunize eligible children at no cost (an administration fee may be charged as long as it does not exceed $13.75 and service is NOT denied because the fee cannot be paid) and,
  • Provide vaccine information materials to the child's parent or guardian and,
  • Provide access to records if requested by the Department of State Health Services, the local health authority, or the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and,
  • Report, on a monthly basis, the number of doses of vaccines administered, lost, or wasted.

To enroll, call the Immunization Division at 254-778-6744

*Underinsured are children who have private insurance but coverage 1) does not include vaccines, or 2) only covers certain vaccines (eligible for non-covered vaccines only), or 3) caps at a certain amount (once the cap is reached, the child is eligible).

**Providers are authorized to vaccinate CHIP children only if they bill CHIP for services.

The following vaccines are currently available through the TVFC Program:

Medicaid Billing Codes for Each Vaccine

Medicaid Billing Codes

Type Code
DT 90702
DTaP  90700
DTaP - Hep B - IPV 90723
DTaP - Hib - IPV 90698
DTaP - IPV 90696
Influenza PF 6-35 mo 90655
Influenza 6-35 mo 90657
Influenza >3 years  90658
Influenza Flu Mist  90660
Hepatitis A        90633
Hepatitis A - Adult      90632
Hepatitis B 90744
Hepatitis B - Adult  90746
Hep B-Hib 


Hib (HBOC) 4-dose 90645
Hib (PRP-D) booster only 90646
Hib (PRP-OMP) 4-dose 90647
Hib (PRP-T) 4 dose 90648
HPV 90649
IPV 90713
Meningococcal 90734
MMR 90707
MMRV 90710
PCV13 90670
PPV23 90732
Rotavirus 90680
Td 90718
Td (preservative free) 90714
Tdap 90715
Varicella (chickenpox) 90716
Zoster (Shingles) 90736