Tuberculosis Elimination Division

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Tuberculosis Elimination Division is to prevent, control, and eliminate tuberculosis among the people of Public Health Region Seven.  This is accomplished through coordinating the efforts of local health departments, healthcare providers and communities to develop, implement and assure compliance with effective tuberculosis strategies, standards, and policies.

Program Overview:

Services Provided/Activities:

  • Provide treatment and case management services to all persons with TB disease. 
  • Conduct investigations, to find and evaluate persons for TB infection who have had exposure to a person with TB disease, provide screening, examination, chest x-rays, medical evaluations, and treatment as appropriate. 
  • Conduct targeted screening of persons at high risk for TB disease or latent TB infection.

Other Major Responsibilities:

  • Conduct TB outbreak situations.
  • Provide technical assistance and information to local health departments, hospitals, physicians, correctional facilities, and other providers conducting TB activities.
  • Facilitate expert physician consultations with clinicians to treat drug-resistant TB or pediatric TB cases.
  • Collect reporting data and information related to TB cases. 
  • Educate and train health care providers. 
  • Develop targeted interventions for TB control and prevention for populations most at risk for TB. 
  • Conduct surveillance and tracking of TB cases and contacts

Program Contacts

Bonnie Gamez, BSN, RN, Nurse IV, TB Program Manager
Mary Stewardson, RN, TB Nurse Consultant
Barbara Blake, RN, TB Nurse Consultant 
Heather Schoepf, PHT II, Case Registrar
Kristina Land, PHT I, Contact Investigator
Jimmy Lara, Admin III, Public Health Representative

TB Elimination Division