Influenza (Flu) Surveillance - Public Health Region 8

Mandatory Influenza Reporting

While seasonal influenza infections are not reportable, there are three occasions where reporting in mandatory as outlined in the Texas Health and Safety Code Chapter 81:

  1. Influenza Associated Pediatric Mortality - Any pediatric death that is suspected of being associated to a diagnosis of influenza illness needs to be reported to the health department within one working day.
  2. Novel Influenza Strains - Any respiratory illness that is suspected of being different from the currently circulating human influenza H1 and H3 strains should be reported immediately.
  3. Respiratory Outbreaks - Any time when there is a higher-than-expected number influenza like illnesses should be reported immediately to your health department for investigation.

Immediately reportable conditions should be reported to DSHS Region 8 by calling our 24/7 reporting line: 210-949-2121.

Other reportable conditions and supporting documentation may be faxed to our secure fax: 512-206-3995

Voluntary Influenza Surveillance Programs

We encourage all eligible providers to register for the following surveillance programs that provide influenza and respiratory illness data at the regional, state, and national level:

Laboratories: National Respiratory and Enteric Virus Surveillance System (NREVSS)

NREVSS monitors trends in certain respiratory and enteric viruses, including influenza and COVID-19.  NREVSS data tracks the number and type of tests performed and the number of positive tests each week. 

Register for NREVSS Surveillance

Healthcare Providers: Influenza-like Illness (ILI) Net

Healthcare providers of any specialty in any type of practice can submit data to ILINet (school clinics and institutional settings are not eligible).  ILINet data tracks the total number of patients seen for any reason and the number of patient visits for influenza-like illness by age group.  

Enroll in ILI Net

All healthcare/other settings: Regional Flu Surveillance Program

Facilities that are not eligible for NREVSS or ILINet can submit weekly flu surveillance data to Public Health Region 8 using an online survey that is submitted by Wednesday each week.

Email to participate in the Regional Flu Surveillance Program

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