Epidemiology - Public Health Region 8

E-mail: Region8.Epi@dshs.texas.gov
Fax: 512-206-3995
Note: PHI must be sent via fax or secure, encrypted e-mail

24/7 Public Health Emergency and Disease Reporting Line: 210-949-2121

Epidemiology Manager
Elise Rush, MPH, CIC


The mission of the Epidemiology Program is to protect healthy communities by reducing the burden of illness, hospitalization, and death from diseases that are spread person-to-person. The Epidemiology Program works with local health departments, health care professionals, hospitals, schools, residential and correctional facilities, county officials, emergency management personnel, employers, and the general public.


  • Receive and respond to disease reports
  • Provide subject matter expertise to prevent the spread of disease, including:
    • Laboratory testing recommendations for communicable diseases
    • Prophylactic treatment guidance for individuals exposed to communicable diseases
    • School/work exclusion criteria for ill individuals
    • Isolation and quarantine guidance for ill individuals
  • Monitor trends of communicable diseases occurring in the community
  • Prepare for public health emergencies, such as an act of bioterrorism or a worldwide outbreak (pandemic) of disease
  • Safeguard communities from unhealthy conditions following a flood, tornado, or other disaster

Surveillance & Data

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