Border Public Health - Public Health Region 8

1593 S. Veteran’s Blvd.
Eagle Pass, TX 78852
Fax: 830-773-4688


The Office of Border Public Health (OBPH) is dedicated to environmental, epidemiological, and educational projects specific to the Texas and Mexico border with the goal of fostering a safe and healthy environment and living practices. The close community relationship that our staff maintains on the border, coupled with our emphasis on both the environment and health, allows the Office of Border Public Health to function in a cooperative capacity with other agencies.


  • Provide essential public health services to meet Healthy Border objectives. 

  • Conduct active environmental health and surveillance and field investigations of unincorporated communities (colonias) and other border areas.

  • Monitor diseases, conditions, and environmental hazards and prepare periodic reports of these data. 

  • DSHS OBPH staff are available to provide training to promotores de salud/community health workers on various public health issues:

    • DSHS-certified and non-DSHS-certified education for community health workers.

    • 160-hour competency-based Community Health Worker training program certified by DSHS using the Día de la Mujer Latina curriculum.

  • Develop and conduct community based interventions and projects based on border community needs. 

  • Provide public health education to border residents.

  • Develop curriculums and train Community Health Workers (Promotores de Salud) on health topics to improve community health. 

  • Establish and mobilize partnerships to implement public health interventions.

  • Facilitate binational collaboration and communication.


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