Zoonosis Control - Public Health Region 8

Our Program

Amanda Kieffer, DVM, MPH 
Regional Veterinarian 
7430 Louis Pasteur 
San Antonio, TX 78229 

Phone: 210-949-2048 
Fax: 210-692-1457 

In Texas Public Health Region 8, we provide zoonosis control public health services in twenty-eight counties of south-central Texas. The purpose of the Zoonosis Control Program is to protect the health and well-being of Region 8 through the prevention and control of zoonotic diseases.  Zoonotic diseases are sicknesses that can spread to humans from animals and/or insects. 

How We Help You

The Zoonosis Control Program works to:  

  • Identify, prevent, and control zoonotic diseases reported in the Region 

  • Educate residents and medical, veterinary, and public health professionals about zoonotic diseases 

  • Work with local, federal, and other state agencies on zoonotic disease control 

  • Conduct surveillance activities for animal and insect diseases of public health concern 

  • Support preparedness, response, and recovery efforts for public health emergencies  

  • Perform risk assessments and make recommendations on prevention of rabies and other diseases.  

  • Ensure compliance with state health and safety codes for rabies and animal control 

  • We strive to keep you informed and safe 

Our Services

For Region 8, our activities include:  

  • Investigate all reported cases of human, animal, and insect diseases in Region 8 

  • Provide educational programs on disease prevention, medical testing, and surveillance 

  • Assist healthcare providers and community stakeholders with rabies risk assessment and vaccination 

  • Train animal control officers and other interested persons on rabies prevention, animal control laws, and animal welfare 

  • Inspect animal shelters that quarantine rabies suspects to ensure they meet the standards for animal control and rabies laws 

  • Partner with community task force programs concerned with zoonotic and insect-transmitted diseases 

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