Our Mission is to protect and promote the health of the people of Texas. We use the principles of epidemiology to:

  • Operate disease registries
  • Conduct disease surveillance
  • Investigate unusual occurrences of disease
  • Assess environmental exposures
  • Conduct population research studies

In order to identify populations at risk, understand the cause of disease, and recommend actions to reduce risk.

Epidemiology Program Overview

  • Detect, respond to, and investigate reports of communicable disease
  • Actively monitors disease incidences within the region to rapidly detect and address disease outbreaks, including bioterrorism events
  • Coordinate rapid response to High Consequences Infectious Diseases (HCID)
  • Promote comprehensive outbreak surveillance and investigation methodologies
  • Promotes clinical awareness of notifiable diseases
  • Compile statistical case investigation data
  • Coordinate planning efforts with public health disciplines and agencies to ensure surveillance mechanisms are in place
  • Provide technical guidance to officials in local, state, and federal agencies as well as medical providers

Disease Reporting
24/7 Disease Reporting Line
Phone: 888-847-6892 / Fax: 915-834-7842

"A map displays public health office locations and coverage within in public health region 9/10"


Program Directory

Name Title Phone Email Office Address
David Kolberson, RN, CCHP Program Manager 915-834-7710          david.kolberson@dshs.texas.gov

401 E. Franklin,
Ste. 210
El Paso, TX 79901

Vanessa Palacios, MCJ Epidemiology Supervisor 915-834-7714 vanessa.palacios@dshs.texas.gov
Karla Ruiz, MPH, CIC Epidemiologist II 915-834-7754 karla.ruiz@dshs.texas.gov
Vianay L. Nava, MPH Epidemiologist I 915-834-7892 vianay.nava@dshs.texas.gov
Rebecca Basurto-Gonzalez, BS              Program Specialist III 915-834-7852 Rebecca.Basurto-Gonzalez@dshs.texas.gov


Regional Reports and Statistics


PHR 9/10 Local Health Departments