Texas Health Steps - Public Health Region 9/10

Texas Health Steps (THSteps) Program is the Texas name given to the federally mandated program known as EPSDT (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment).  It is a benefit of the Texas Medicaid Program and consists of preventive health care services at regular and periodic intervals to Medicaid clients who are from birth through 20 years of age. 

The mission of Texas Health Steps Program is to expand client awareness of existing health services, to recruit and retain a qualified provider pool, and to assure comprehensive services are available through public and private providers so that eligible young people in the Texas Health Steps Client Population can receive medical and dental care before health problems become chronic and irreversible.  Texas Health Steps Provider Relations staff travel to and work in all 33 counties in Region 9/10, providing technical assistance, policy clarifications and training to providers and contractors. 

Texas Health Steps Services Include: 

  • Medical screening 
  • Dental checkups 
  • Immunizations 
  • Vision exams and services 
  • Hearing exams and aids 
  • Comprehensive care services 
  • Case management 
  • Laboratory Screenings 
  • Sensory Screenings and aids  

Texas Health Steps Providers

Visit the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership website for an Online Provider Lookup search engine which allows you to search for Medicaid Providers. 

Clients can search for providers using a particular county, Service Area, or name to find providers who participate in a managed care area. Providers that participate in MCOs and DMOs are responsible for declaring themselves as managed care providers on the OPL. Clients can search for providers that are enrolled in Medicaid managed care on the OPL. The OPL has links to the websites of the MCOs and DMOs, which allows clients to search each MCO’s and DMO’s network of participating providers.   

Providers that need assistance finding a specialist who accepts clients with Medicaid coverage can call the THSteps toll-free helpline at 1-877-847-8377, or they can find one using the Online Provider Lookup on the Texas Medicaid and Healthcare Partnership website. 

Free Online Education – CEUs and Certificates of Completion Available 

Texas Health Steps Online Provider Education offers a range of high-quality training opportunities to THSteps providers and other interested individuals.  This free training is designed to improve participant’s ability to deliver comprehensive preventive health, mental health, dental, and case management services to Medicaid-eligible children from birth through 20 years of age.  

THSteps Online Provider Education consists of self-paced, web-based training modules.  Each module is divided into sections, with an evaluation component following each section.  These evaluations enable trainees to assess their knowledge as they complete each module.  An online certificate of completion will be issued after successful completion of each module.  Continuing Education (CE) credits can be awarded to eligible participants.  Visit the Texas Health Steps website to find available training modules. 

PHR 9/10 Texas Health Steps Contacts

Region 9 - Midland

Name Title Phone
Kieri Sitz  Provider Relations Representative 432-571-4126

Region 9 - San Angelo

Name Title Phone
Aida Oliver  Provider Relations Representative 325-659-7852 

Region 10 - El Paso 

Name Title Phone
Patrice Loge, LMSW  PHR 9/10 Program Manager  915-834-7733 
Kimberly Salazar  Program Supervisor  915-834-7689 
Karen Sanchez  Provider Relations Representative  915-834-7755 
Priscilla Pallares  Provider Relations Representative  915-702-7491 
Saul Gonzalez, CHW  Public Health & Prevention Specialist  915-702-7492 
Sarai Lopez, CHW  Public Health & Prevention Specialist  915-834-7758