The purpose of the HIV/STD Program is to assure the prevention, care and treatment of STD/HIV. We collaborate with local health departments, health care providers, and community health programs to provide services, resources and leadership to reduce the spread and complications of STDs and HIV.

The functions of the program include:

  • Surveillance of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection 
  • Follow-up of persons diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease or HIV infection to ensure adequate treatment and partner notification
  • Access to care and treatment for persons with HIV infection
  • Development of comprehensive STD/HIV prevention programs
  • Collaboration with at-risk communities, non-governmental organizations and local health departments\
  • Education and training of medical providers and public health professionals   

We will make every effort to assure that the citizens of Texas receive quality services.

 Position  Phone
HIV/STD Program Supervisor  432-230-7664
Team Lead  325-659-7851
Disease Intervention Specialist  432-571-4169  
Disease Intervention Specialist  432-571-4750
ICCR Clerk  432-571-4144


HIV-STD Program 

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