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Director's Letter

Dear Stakeholders

Founded in 1953, Texas Center for Infectious Disease has a 65-year history of caring for patients with TB. Over the decades, we have been committed to not only caring for patients with TB and other infectious diseases but also to the scientific discoveries that will inform the future treatment of hard-to-treat TB. This recognition led to the placement of one of the four federally-funded Regional Medical Training Consultation Center (RMTCC) at TCID. Heartland at TCID has been offering training and expert consultations to doctors and public health agencies in 13 states since the 1990s.

In my position as the Director of TCID, my primary focus is on the issues that affect the quality of our patient care. Our vision at TCID is to be the premier state and national destination for the treatment of TB and Hansen’s disease.

Texas Center for Infectious Disease provides specialized care that is not found elsewhere in Texas and is rare in the entire country. TCID treats its target diseases, complex cases of inpatient TB and outpatient Hansen’s disease, using a multidisciplinary approach to disease management.

Our facility is the premier facility in the state of Texas for the treatment of patients with multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), those with drug-sensitive TB who are experiencing complications with therapy, and those with Hansen’s disease.

The Texas Department of State Health Services’ (DSHS) investment in TCID affects Texans very broadly and deeply. For TB and Hansen's disease, TCID serves Texas by ensuring that treatments exist to cure hard-to-treat cases. TB patients stay at TCID for six months to two years.

This hospital is different from other acute hospitals in that we not only treat the patient's clinical conditions, but also help patients stay in treatment until these infections are cured.

At TCID, we accomplish our work through the implementation of our core values of compassion, growth, leadership, equity, and authenticity. We work to understand and empathize with those who are suffering and empower others to fulfill their maximum potential.

Tuberculosis is a disease that can affect anyone in the state of Texas. For those who need specialized care in the treatment of TB, we work to cultivate an environment where individuals can flourish.

We offer support and hope to those who need it, and we are proud to serve the residents of the great state of Texas.

Jessica Gutierrez-Rodriguez
TCID Hospital Administrator

Last updated July 22, 2020