Health Data Research and Reports

Health Data Research and Reports

We’ve compiled our hospital statistical reports here. You can find reports on many topics, including:

  • Health data,
  • Patient safety,
  • Charges and costs,

Quality of care, and more.

Community-Level Health Information: Statistical Reports

Our statistical reports are also called statistical briefs. A statistical brief is a series of simple, descriptive statistics on specific, focused topics.  

We have two statistical reports you can access. The first is the inpatient annual report. The second is the 2012 outpatient procedures report.  

The inpatient annual report gives an overview of 2013 Texas hospitalizations. This report is based on Public Used Data File (PUDF) inpatient data.  

The inpatient report is for anyone who wants a better understanding of either  

  1. Hospital services or  

  1. The kinds of patients who used these services. 

The outpatient procedures report shows the most common procedures and their demographic data in 2012.

View the 2013 inpatient annual report, or view the 2012 outpatient procedures report.  

Community-Level Health Information: Applied Research

You can also access non-THCIC reports. This site includes a link to many different reports and articles published using Texas hospital inpatient discharge data. 

Visit our Applied Research page for non-THCIC reports. 

Health Care Facility Reports: Quality of Care

We’ve compiled a list of reports about quality of care by health care facilities. These reports will help you learn more about Texas hospital quality of care and its indicators.  

Health Care Facility Reports: Patient Safety

We’ve also created this resource to help you learn more about patient safety in Texas hospitals. This page covers data, research, and indicators of patient safety.  

Learn more about patient safety indicators.  

Commercial Health Plan Information

The Health Effectiveness Data Information Set (HEDIS) talks about health plan performance. You can get more information about Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) performance by visiting our Reports on HMOs page.  

Get more information about HMO performance. 

Organizations Using THCIC Data

We keep a record of organizations that use or reference data that THCIC collects. You can learn more about data purchasers by downloading this PDF.   

Access the PDF list of organizations using THCIC data.