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    Koreena Villarreal, MEd, CHES
    Team Lead - Texas Healthy Communities Program

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Assessment Indicators

Texas Healthy Communities Assessment Indicators 

1. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY Physical activity areas and opportunities are designated, safe, accessible, and promoted throughout the community.
2. HEALTHY FOOD ACCESS Healthy food options are accessible, affordable, and promoted to all members of the community.
3. HEALTHY WORKSITES Worksite wellness programs are in place for most employees.
4. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH Efforts are made to improve indoor and outdoor air quality.
5. HEALTHCARE QUALITY AND ACCESS      Healthcare sites in the community utilize quality improvement programs to support prevention of chronic disease, improve maternity care, and improve access to affordable services for older adults.
6. HEALTHY AGING The community supports healthy aging and provides resources and services for adults.
7. MENTAL HEALTH  Reduce the incidence and increase awareness of mental health and substance use issues. 
8. EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS  Provide access to training and information on emergency preparedness as it relates to chronic disease management. 


Last updated December 23, 2019