Assessment Indicators

Texas Healthy Communities Assessment Indicators 

Physical Activity 1. PHYSICAL ACTIVITY IS PROMOTED Physical activity areas and opportunities are designated, safe, accessible, and promoted throughout the community.
Healthy Food 2. ACCESS TO HEALTHY FOOD Healthy food options are accessible and promoted to all members of the community.
Mother Friendly 3. MOTHER-FRIENDLY ENVIRONMENTS Mother-friendly worksites, birthing facilities, and hospitals are in place in the communities.
Healthy Schools 4. HEALTHY SCHOOLS Public schools comply with all legislated components of a coordinated school health program and daily physical activity.
Worksites 5. HEALTHY WORKSITES   Worksites wellness programs are in place.
Tobacco Control 6. COMPREHENSIVE
A comprehensive tobacco control program is in place.
Cardiac Event Response 7. CARDIAC EVENT RESPONSE & STROKE RESPONSE The emergency system of care maintains a rapid response time for cardiac events. Stroke is treated as a medical emergency in the community and appropriate acute stroke treatment protocols are in place.
Care Quality 8. HEALTH CARE QUALITY Health care sites in the community promote primary and secondary prevention of CVD and Stroke.
 Healthy Aging 9. HEALTHY AGING 

The community supports healthy aging and provides resources.and services for older adults. 



Last updated August 15, 2019