2007 Annual Report


This report documents surveillance of infectious diseases in 2007, other than tuberculosis, HIV, and sexually transmitted disease (STD). It includes links to reports on the latter conditions as well as links to epidemiological information on non-infectious reportable conditions. It also includes reports of specific outbreaks and other events of interest at the local and state level.

You may download the entire Epidemiology In Texas 2007 Report here or just download the sections in which you are interested. The report and its sections are presented in PDF format.



  • Foreward

  • Contributors

  • Acknowledgements

  • Table of Contents

  • Reports

    • Botulism Outbreak

    • Leishmaniasis

    • Measles Cluster in Texas

    • Norovirus Outbreak

    • Pertussis Outbreak in a Highly Vaccinated Elementary School (Denton County)

    • Pertussis Outbreaks in Childhood Education Facilities (Guadalupe and Calhoun Counties)

    • Rabies in Animals

    • Staphylococcus aureus in Texas

    • Unexplained Deaths in a Correctional Facility

Texas Reported Cases

  • Table I. Reported Diseases, 1998-2007

  • Table II. Reported Disease Cases per 100,000 Population, 1998-2007

  • Table III. Reported Diseases by Month, 2007

  • Table IV. Reported Diseases by Age Group, 2007

  • Table V. Reported Disease by Age Group Cases per 100,000 Population, 2007

  • Table VI. Reported Diseases by Health Service Region, 2007

  • Table VII. Reported Disease by Health Service Region Cases per 100,000 Population, 2007

Regional Statistical Summaries


  • Notifiable Conditions in Texas (2007)

  • Texas County Locator Map

  • Links

  • DSHS November 2010 Publication Number E09-13517