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Tour - Euthanasia

Animal Topics  Virtual Tour: Euthanasia
(Animals, Animal Control, Animal Shelters, Animals in Disaster, Animals in Public Places, 
 Animal Friendly Program,  Animal Ownership, Animal Bites) 


Anne gently held the rambunctious 6-month-old labrador mix as Tony injected the blue solution into the dog's leg vein. Anne said softly, "I'm sorry! no one wants you." The pup wagged its tail and tried to lick Tony's hand before it fell lifeless onto the stainless steel table. Anne went into the shelter's kennel to get the next animal.

Tens of thousands of homeless dogs and cats roam the streets and countryside of Texas, costing Texans millions of dollars in taxes and creating public health problems in the form of bites and diseases transmissible to humans. One of the basic underlying causes is that there are simply too many dogs and cats. There aren't enough homes for them all. 

Virtual Tour Topics:

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Last updated March 5, 2021