Texas Animal Shelters

Helping a Furry Friend

People visit the animal shelter to either look for a missing pet, turn in an animal they can’t keep, or adopt an animal. 

Animal Friendly Programing

Thanks to Texas drivers’ support of the Animal Friendly Fund, the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has been able to distribute grant funds for spay/neuter surgeries for over 100,000 dogs and cats in Texas. This has potentially prevented the unwanted births of millions of cats and dogs! 

An additional public health benefit of the Animal Friendly Funds is that these animals are seen by a veterinarian, increasing the probability that they receive appropriate vaccinations.  DSHS has awarded millions of dollars in grants toward low-cost spays and neuters. 


Animal Shelter Requirements

The Humane Society of the United States provides materials and workshops to help in the planning and design of an animal shelter. The regional Zoonosis Control offices are also information resources for shelter plans. 

Animal Shelter Visits

Find information on how to locate a shelter in your area and frequently asked questions about shelters.

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