Branding and Logo Usage

Email DSHS Communications to request DSHS logos.

The Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) Brand has a look and feel that reinforces our brand image. This includes our logos. Our logo is one of the most recognizable illustrations of our brand. There is one unifying logo—the HHS logo. However, there are various “lockups” that identify our agency and programs as a part of the HHS system.

Programs should no longer use their own unique logo. Use the DSHS logo for now, while DSHS Communications establishes criteria and a process for requesting program-specific logos.

Use the HHS Brand Guide (PDF) for specific details about logo usage. The guide explains design requirements that ensure DSHS products have a unified look and feel. The Brand Guide at a Glance (PDF) covers the basics of the HHS Brand Guide and DSHS-Specific branding.

Below is the HHS logo and the DSHS logo. 

HHS Logo:

HHS logo


DSHS Logo:

DSHS logo


The “Do’s and Don’ts” of DSHS Logos

There are some important rules for using our logos. Here are a few of the top ones.

  • Email DSHS Communications to get the DSHS logos.
  • Use only the logos you get from DSHS Communications.
  • No old program or unique program logos are allowed.
  • Do not alter the logo (no additions, deletions, substitutions, or modifications).
  • You may resize the logo proportionally by holding down the shift key (never compress or stretch to fit).
  • Do not use the Texas state seal as a logo.
  • Do not recreate the logo art.

Some logo versions are left-justified, and some are right-justified. Some are for white backgrounds and others for dark backgrounds. Some are in color, and some are black and white. Refer to the HHS Brand Guide for additional information.

Email DSHS Communications for questions or to request DSHS logos.  

How to Obtain Logo Art

Contact DSHS Communications to get any logo artwork you might need.