Bite Prevention Promotion

Things You Can Do in Your Community to Promote Bite Prevention

Start Preparations Early!


    • Your City Council or County Commissioners to issue a Proclamation declaring (insert date), as Bite Prevention Week in your community
    • The utility companies to include flyers in their bills
    • The banks to include flyers in their monthly statements
    • Your librarian to distribute bookmarks.
    • Your local television news show to run a feature story
    • School nurses to hold mini-classes on bite prevention
    • Your County Commissioners or City Council to review the community’s leash and dangerous dog laws
    • For a billboard to be donated
  • Co-sponsor an event with your local:
    • Veterinary medical association
    • Post office
    • Utility company
    • Emergency Medical Services
  • Place:
    • Articles in your agency's newsletter
    • Posters and flyers in veterinary offices
    • A booth at the mall
  • Schedule presentations at:
    • Schools, daycare centers
    • Summer camps (boy/girl scouts, church, YMCA)
    • Library programs
    • Mother's Day Out programs
    • Zoos
    • FFA meetings
    • Adult civic group meetings
    • Safety meetings of postal carriers, meter readers, pizza delivery persons
    • Progressive Farmer Safety Camps - Progressive Farmer Magazine sponsors Safety Camps that teach children how to avoid injuries in rural and agricultural settings
  • Be Creative
    • Send a Letter to the Editor
    • Have an open house at your facility
    • Tell teachers how to order bite prevention materials and videos