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Parents and Caregivers

Asthma Management 

One of the best ways to help manage your child’s asthma is by following an action plan. Work with your healthcare provider to make a plan and then give copies to everyone who might look after your child (i.e. their school, daycare, babysitter and family members). 

Asthma Triggers 

  • Identify common asthma triggers for your child and learn how to reduce or remove exposure to them 
    • Note what triggers to avoid on the asthma action plan 
    • Teach your child how to avoid triggers 
  • After a natural disaster avoid mold. Visit www.EPA.gov/mold to learn how to prevent and remove mold growth safely.  
  • Do not expose your child to second hand smoke.
    • Avoid people smoking, the homes and cars of known smokers and designated smoking areas.
    • Smoking contributes to poor air quality and is an important trigger to avoid for children with asthma. 

Tobacco Hotline 

If you currently smoke or use tobacco, make plans to quit. If you are ready to quit or are thinking about quitting, seek assistance and advice by calling the Texas Quitline at 1-877-YES QUIT or visiting www.yesquit.org. Quitline services are available in English and Spanish.  

Asthma Medications 

Cold and Flu Prevention 

Last updated March 1, 2021