Sign-Up for Electronic Reporting

The most popular way of submitting results is through electronic submission. Over 85% of all results were received electronically in 2020! Electronic submissions improves data quality and expedites data processing. In addition, the improvements of data quality and processing improves the case management of elevated blood lead levels.

We currently offer one method for electronic submission through our Secure File Transfer Protocol. 

Secure File Transfer Protocol (GlobalScape)

This is our traditional system for submitting results to BLSB. Clinics are able to submit multiple blood lead results. Clinics may enter results into an already formatted document provided by BLSB, or clinics can submit their own files. Files can come from Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and LeadCareII software. Sign-up using our form.

The process to set up an account for our GlobalScape system is simple:

  1. New users will complete the sign-up form. All areas of the form must be completed, or their request will be delayed.
  2. Users will be emailed instructions to create an HHS IAM Online Account. In addition, instructions on how to request access to the GlobalScape system will be attached.
  3. Users will request access to the GlobalScape system through their HHS IAM Online account.
  4. Users will be given instructions on how to access their GlobalScape account. In addition, instructions on how to submit data files will be attached.

Once an account is created, users will be able to upload data files through GlobalScape. Required information must be completed for a successful submission. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the submission. In the event of a rejection, the data files must be corrected before re-submission.

For questions, please contact us by phone: 512-776-7151, or by email: