DSHS Benefits

State of Texas employees receive more than just base salary; employees are also offered a wide variety of benefits. These benefits, combined with base salary, makes up the total compensation for state employees.

Total Compensation at DSHS

A Total Compensation Package is the collective sum of direct compensation (base salary) and indirect compensation (benefits) an employer provides to its workforce. 
The value of a new full time employee's total compensation package for 2024 is shown in the image below.

This is a sample based on the average salary of a new DSHS employee in a full time, regular position as of Jan. 1, 2024. DSHS Total Compensation Package includes: monthly salary of $5,207.62, retirement contributions of $520.76, Health Benefits of $624.82, Paid Time Off Benefits of $781.04, and Employer Payroll Expenses of $437.14.


In addition to base salary, DSHS employees receive a variety of benefits including:

  • 15 paid holidays per year on average
  • 12 days of paid sick leave annually
  • 12 days of paid vacation leave in the first year (increases with years of service)
  • Health insurance paid 100% by DSHS (50% for eligible dependents)
  • Retirement contributions equal to 10% of your gross salary 
  • Opportunities for career advancement and professional development

This is based on full time employee status; part time employees receive prorated benefits based on hours worked.

Additional Employee Benefits