2022 Annual Survey of Hospitals DSHS/AHA/THA Annual Survey of Hospitals

The joint 2022 Annual Survey of Hospitals-Annual Statement of Community Benefits survey (ASH-ASCB) is now available online for data submission. Texas law requires all state-licensed hospitals to submit aggregate financial, utilization, and other data each year to the Department of State Health Services (see Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 311, Subchapters C and D). This survey—a cooperative effort between the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), the American Hospital Association, and the Texas Hospital Association—is the instrument used to collect the information required by statute. It is therefore imperative that you accurately complete the combined survey.

You have been identified as the ASH-ASCB designated coordinator for your facility/system.  If this is in error, please forward this letter to the current designated coordinator. Please notify Dwayne Collins at DSHS if there are any changes to the designated coordinator contact information.

Links to the survey as well as several reference and guidance documents are available on the DSHS website (https://dshs.texas.gov/center-health-statistics-hospital-data-collection-reporting). Please read all survey instructions carefully.

By rule, hospitals are required to submit their survey data to DSHS within 60 days of receiving this information.  The completion deadline for your ASH-ASCB survey is July 3, 2023.  NO EXTENSIONS WILL BE GRANTED. Any hospital failing to submit data as statutorily required is subject to fines by the Texas Office of the Attorney General.

If you have questions, please contact Dwayne Collins by e-mail at Dwayne.Collins@dshs.texas.gov.

Thank you for your cooperation.


James Farris, Director, Center for Health Statistics
Department of State Health Services

Please print the following PDF files and retain the documents as reference for the 2022 online survey process.

Walk-Through (PDF 1,790kb)
Overview (PDF 65Kb)
Frequently Asked Questions (PDF 211Kb)


Access the 2022 Online Surveys at ahasurvey.org

The Hospital Survey Unit will not accept hard copies of the Annual Hospital Survey and the Annual Statement of Community Benefits Standard Survey. To enter your data, you must access the 2022 online combined questionnaire at the link above. For a working copy, please download from the following list:

Please click on the following definitions for Serious Reportable Events in Healthcare1 and Health Level 7.

Serious Reportable Events (Never Events) in Healthcare 
Health Level 7 (PDF 6kb)


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