COVID-19 Deaths by Vaccination Status Dashboard


To determine the effects of vaccination on COVID-19 cases and deaths in Texas, this dashboard describes COVID-19 outcomes among unvaccinated and vaccinated people in Texas using data from electronic lab reports, death certificates, and the state immunization registry. By comparing COVID-19 case and death rates among people who were unvaccinated to those who were fully vaccinated, DSHS is able to determine the impact of vaccination in Texas.

All authorized COVID-19 vaccines in the United States are highly effective at protecting people from getting sick or severely ill with COVID-19. Vaccination can also reduce the spread of disease overall, helping to keep communities safe. However, because no vaccines are 100 percent effective, it is expected that some fully vaccinated people will get sick with COVID-19, and that number will increase as more people get vaccinated. For more information on methods, please see the technical notes (PDF).

For national comparisons, see the rates by vaccination status information on CDC’s COVID-19 Data Tracker.


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