Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers, both medical and community members, are key to improving the public health of everyone in this great state. What’s more, there are a variety of ways to get involved.  

Statewide Volunteer Programs 

Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry 

Part of the Emergency Systems for the Advance Registration of Volunteer Health Professionals (ESAR-VHP) Program which serves to pre-register volunteers and verify professional licensure so that efficient, effective response can be coordinated during and after any disaster.  



Medical Reserve Corps 
Helps communities establish, implement, and maintain MRC units that engage volunteers to strengthen public health, emergency response and community resiliency. MRC volunteers train – individually and with other members of the unit. 
Texas Citizen Corps 
Volunteer to support local fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, community public health efforts. Also contribute to the four stages of emergency management: preparedness, prevention, response, and recovery. 


Texas Association of Regional Councils, a public entity, administers the Citizen Corps programs in Texas through councils of governments (COGs). 

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DSHS Volunteer Programs

DSHS Advisory Committee Service 

DSHS staff work together with advisory committee (council, board, and task force) members ensuring that we have access to effective public health services and that all Texans live and work in safe, healthy communities. Periodically vacancies may exist and create an opportunity for the public to apply for membership. 

Faith Community Health Ministry  

We focus on health promotion within a faith community. Roles vary between faith communities depending upon the needs of its members and available resources.   


Roles include educator, counselor and health advocate. The person(s) acts as a resource of preventive and restorative care while ministering holistically to individuals and families.   


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For more opportunities, see: Health & Human Services Volunteering Opportunities