Hospital Participation

An important component of the Texas Heart Attack and Stroke Data Collection Initiative consists of evaluating data collected from hospitals who agree to participate with DSHS. The data is de-identified and individual hospitals are not identified in DSHS reports. Episodes of care for patients diagnosed with heart attack and stroke are evaluated for timeliness and appropriateness of care. Reports can be found on the Overview webpage.

How to Participate


Allhospitals are encouraged to participate in the DSHS Texas Heart Attack and Stroke Data Collection Initiative. Alldata received by DSHS is de-identified.While 100% participation is the goal, hospital participation is voluntary. DSHS uses hospital, andpre-hospital, de-identified data to conduct a needs assessment/gap analysis andworks with communities to improve care for heart attack and stroke patients inTexas. Individual hospitals’ data isnever identified.


Hospitals may participate by emailing

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