Hepatitis C Training for Prevention Providers

Providers who receive Hepatitis C (HCV) testing kits from DSHS and providers who draw blood and send it to the lab must complete training. Only providers who receive HCV kits from DSHS must complete the OraQuick HCV E-Training.

  • Hepatitis Basics on Texas Train website – This four-hour course covers the basics of disease transmission, prevention and treatment for hepatitis A, B, and C. You must complete this course within one year of employment.
  • OraQuick HCV E-Training – This course is required only for providers who receive HCV kits from DSHS. Please watch the video, complete the quiz, and submit your certificate to the program.
  • Testing Recommendations for Hepatitis C Virus – CDC’s Testing Recommendations for hepatitis C virus infection.
  • DSHS Program Operating Procedures for Sites Conducting Point of Care Testing – Any non-laboratory site that wants to implement HIV and HCV point of care (POC) testing must refer to these procedures. DSHS-funded testing sites must show they are adhering to the procedures. They must ensure that the HIV POC test is being used with the most appropriate populations and venues.

The following course is recommended for new epidemiologists who conduct HCV investigations. It may also help epidemiologists who need a refresher, healthcare providers, and/or students.

  • Introduction to Hepatitis C Surveillance – This training will help participants describe HCV epidemiology in Texas and the United States. Participants will learn to:
    • describe transmission and risk factors,
    • summarize current HCV treatment,
    • differentiate between chronic and acute HCV,
    • classify HCV cases based on existing definitions, and
    • list the required variables for acute HCV cases.