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Fundamentals of Sexually Transmitted Disease Intervention (FSTDI) – This course helps build a foundation for new disease intervention specialists (DIS), supervisors, and managers. This course focuses on:

  • Interviewing techniques
  • Case management
  • Partner elicitation
  • Field investigation documentation
  • Field safety
  • Visual case analysis (VCA)
  • Timelines required by the Department of State Health Services.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the Passport to Partner Services Modules.

Passport to Partner Services

Passport to Partner Services consists of 13 modules that are a component of Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) developed DIS Fundamentals Training Plan. The modules will give FSTDI participants an introduction to sexually transmitted infections and will prepare them for the two-week FSTDI training.


  1. Unit 1 - Infectious Disease and Human Anatomy
  2. Unit 2 - Syphilis
  3. Unit 3 - Chlamydial Infection
  4. Unit 4 - Gonorrhea
  5. Unit 5 - Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
  6. Unit 6 - HIV Infection and AIDS
  7. Unit 7 - Tuberculosis
  8. Unit 8 - Hepatitis
  9. Introduction to Partner Services for Partner Services Providers
  10. Communication Skills
  11. Field Investigation and Notification
  12. Referrals and Linkage to Care
  13. Syphilis Case Management and VCA