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Texas state law (Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 829, Animal Control Officer Training) requires animal control officers (ACOs) to complete specific training (refer to links below) that has been pre-approved by the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).  It is the responsibility of each ACO (as defined in Chapter 829) to fulfill these mandated training requirements, keep complete and accurate records of their DSHS-approved training, and have this documentation available for review by facility inspectors.

Before attending a non-DSHS course, ACOs should request verification from the course sponsor that a specific course, including title, date, and location, has been pre-approved by the DSHS for meeting Chapter 829 ACO training requirements.  Upon completion of training, ACOs may request a new certificate from the course sponsor if the one that is issued does not contain the following information:  course title, participant’s name, whether the course is Basic or continuing education (CE), course date and location, length of course in DSHS-approved hours, a statement that the course was approved by the DSHS, and the course sponsor’s name and contact information. 

Mandated Training (Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 829)  
    Animal control officer (ACO) mandated training, Texas law

Information on DSHS courses  
    Animal Control Officer (ACO) training course description, registration information, and course fee and course description.

    Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Animal Control Officer Training Manual

Application Process for Approval of Animal Control Officer Training Courses
    ACO training approval process

Schedule for non-DSHS ACO Courses
    ACO courses offered outside of DSHS, including euthanasia training courses for animal shelter personnel

Last updated October 24, 2019