Guidance & Resources for Parents - Immunizations

Vaccines keep children safe from 16 harmful diseases. What’s more, children need to stay on schedule and get every dose to get the best protection.

View vaccine schedules for children and young adults

What’s needed for School & Child Care Centers

Learn about vaccine requirements for public & private K-12 schools as well as for child-care centers. 

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Need proof of a vaccine? 

Start with the clinic, doctor, or healthcare provider who gave the vaccination. If your provider has the records on file, this will be the best and fastest way of obtaining your records.  

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Where can you get vaccinations?

For free or low-cost vaccines for children or adults call 2-1-1 or visit

Or use this helpful site, to find a vaccine near you  

For overseas travel 

For yellow fever vaccines for overseas travel, view the authorized yellow fever vaccine provider list or the travel information from the CDC

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Regional Information

Regional Information

Each region has a local unit that can help you find vaccine resources in your area