Requesting Immunization Records for a Child or Adult

Obtaining Records from Your Healthcare Provider

If you need proof of immunization, the best place to start is by contacting the clinic, doctor, or healthcare provider that administered the vaccination. If your provider has the record on file, this will be the fastest way of obtaining your records.

Obtaining Records from Your School

If you need proof of immunization for your child or yourself, contact the last school that was attended. Schools are required to keep records for a minimum number of years.

ImmTrac2, the Texas Immunization Registry

If you are unable to obtain the records from your school or healthcare provider, your records may be stored in ImmTrac2, the Texas Immunization Registry.

In 1999, the Texas immunization registry was established as an "opt-in" registry for children’s records only, meaning parents/guardians who wanted their children’s immunization records stored in Texas’ registry had to sign a consent form.

Only doctors, schools, child-care centers, public healthcare providers, and other authorized healthcare organizations may directly access ImmTrac. Immunization records are NOT available to view online by the general public, including parents or legal guardians.

Child Immunization Records (0-17 years)

There is a strong possibility that ImmTrac2 may have immunization records for vaccines administered to children under 18 years of age in Texas from 2005 to present. Since 2005, Texas law has required that all healthcare providers report to the Texas Immunization Registry all vaccines administered to children younger than 18 years of age.

To request a copy of immunization records for a child under 18 years of age, please complete and submit (by fax or mail) an Authorization to Release ImmTrac2 History Form (F11-11406).

Adult Immunization Records (18+ years)

The Texas Immunization Registry began storing adult immunization records in 2009 as an "opt-in" registry system, meaning that a consent form had to be signed to add records to the registry. This allowed Texans age 18 years or older to voluntarily store their adult immunization records in the registry.

Prior to September 1, 2015, immunization records of individuals who turned 18 were "hidden" unless consent was received. If consent was not received by the 19th birthday, the records were deleted from the registry. Beginning on September 1, 2015, the Texas Immunization Registry was allowed to extend the timeframe to hold childhood immunization records after an individual becomes an adult, from 18 to 26 years of age, but they are still "hidden" unless a consent form is received. Immunization records are deleted if a person does not complete and submit an ImmTrac2 Adult Consent Form (EF11-13366) by their 26th birthday.

To request a copy of immunization records for a person over 18 years of age, complete and submit (by fax or mail) an ImmTrac2 Adult Consent Form (F11-13366) and an Authorization to Release ImmTrac2 History Form (F11-11406).

NOTE: Your immunization record may not be available in ImmTrac2. If you are an adult and your healthcare provider did not submit information to ImmTrac2 or if you have not sent in a shot record, no information will be available.

Expected Timeframes

Please allow 10-14 business days for delivery of your immunization records from the time of submitting your ImmTrac2 request. During the time period of Back-to-School (August-September), the timeframe is approximately 8-10 weeks.

Further Help and Questions

For further help, please refer to our ImmTrac2 FAQs page.

If you still have questions, please contact us by email at, or call 800-348-9158.