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Introducing ImmTrac2: The Texas Immunization Registry 

The Texas Immunization Registry is a no-cost service that consolidates and stores vaccine records from a variety of sources, including: 

  • Health Care Providers 
  • Pharmacies 
  • Public Health Clinics 
  • Medicaid Claims Administrators 
  • Texas Department of State Health Services, Vital Statistics Unit. 

Regardless of the number of sources, each person’s immunization information is in one electronic record. With more than 164 million immunization records, the Texas Immunization Registry is a major component of our initiative to increase vaccine coverage across Texas. 

Features of ImmTrac2 

ImmTrac2 launched in April 2017. It replaced the legacy system, ImmTrac, and now provides expanded capabilities for registered users. The registry is free, secure, and available for all Texans to participate. Join the 60,000 authorized organizations now using ImmTrac2 and benefiting from new enhancements. 

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History and forecasting. 
Access records of immunizations received plus schedules of recommended immunizations. 

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Reset your own password at any time. 

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Ad hoc reports. 
Pull reports specific to an organization or client. 

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Enhanced search functionality. 

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Improved EMR Data Exchange. 
Use our HL7 interface to generate and submit data. 

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School and child-care reports. 
Manage reports independently. 

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Enhanced recall and reminder functionality. 

ImmTrac2 Portal 

Only authorized users can access the ImmTrac2 portal

Learn more about granting permission to your provider for inclusion in the registry. 

Email ImmTrac2 for more information and questions or call 800-348-9158. 

Regional Information

Regional Information

DSHS Immunization Unit 1946
PO Box 149347
Austin, TX 78714-9347

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