Tools and Documentation

To ensure that TVFC and ASN providers operate by TVFC and ASN standards and policies, responsible entities play an active role in the leadership, organization and coordination of:

  • TVFC and ASN Standards and Policies
  • Vaccine Management
  • Data Reporting
  • Program Evaluation
  • Documentation Requirements
  • Deadlines 
  • Responsible Entity (RE) Accountability
  • Forms and Tools
  • Immunization Resources

Resource Documentation

Responsible Entities Tools for School Immunizations

Local Health Departments (LHD) that provide immunization services have many responsibilities. One responsibility includes childcare facility and Head Start center assessments and childcare audits. LHDs must also complete public and private school audits, complete surveys to look back on how well their program has been working (retrospective surveys), and complete surveys to confirm that their data is accurate (validation surveys). Please complete and report the activities listed below per the DSHS Immunization Contractors Guide for Local Health Departments and Population Assessment Manual.