Contract Management

Local Health Departments (LHD) receive state general revenue and federal funding from the Immunization Unit via Interlocal Agreements (ILA) to implement activities with the primary goal of raising vaccine coverage levels in Texas. Immunization contracts with LHDs are based on the Texas DSHS Immunization cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and activities in the CDC’s Immunization Program Operations Manual (IPOM). LHD contract requirements are based on the CDC’s current IPOM and are updated annually.


Contractor's Guide
This manual is intended as a resource to contracted LHDs in implementing required activities under the immunization contract and will also describe contract monitoring activities that will be conducted during the contract period.

Contract Review Tool (formerly the On-Site Evaluation Report) 
The Contract Review Tool is the document reviewers will use to evaluate program activities. Responsible Entities may find it helpful to use this form as a self-assessment tool to prepare for site reviews. 

Contract Review Tool Instructions (formerly the On-Site Evaluation Report Instructions) 
This document provides instructions on how to fill out the evaluation report.