School & Childcare Compliance

Contracted Local Health Departments (LHD) are required to complete various activities to assess the performance of their immunization program, including child-care facility and Head Start center assessments and child-care audits. In addition, LHDs are required to complete public and private school audits, retrospective surveys, and validation surveys.

The activities listed below should be completed and reported in accordance with the DSHS Immunization Contractors Guide for Local Health Departments and Population Assessment Manual: 

  • Child Care Audit
  • Annual Report of Immunization Status (school self-assessments)
  • School Audit
  • Texas School Immunization Validation Survey
  • Texas Child-Care Immunization Assessment (not done every year)
  • Texas County Retrospective Immunization School Survey (TCRISS) (not done every year)
  • Assigned surveys/assessments/audits must be completed utilizing the instructions in DSHS Immunization Contractors Guide for Local Health Departments and the Population Assessment Manual
  • Analyze, provide feedback, and monitor vaccination trends for public school districts, private schools, licensed child-care facilities, and registered family homes to increase vaccination coverage using audit/assessment data
  • Identify trends and areas of need for LHD jurisdictions and coordinate interventions.
  • Collaborate with schools, licensed child-care centers, and registered child-care homes to identify needed improvements.  Report these results/findings to the DSHS Immunization Unit.

For more information about School and Childcare Audits, please see Unit B-2 of the Texas Department of State Health Services Immunization Unit Inter-Local Agreement Work Plan and the additional resources listed below.