Texas Rules - School Immunizations

Texas rules are administrative regulations that are authorized by the legislature and created by state agencies. By contrast, Texas laws (also called statutes) are legislative bills that have been approved by both houses of the legislature signed into law by elected leaders.

Also see the Texas laws relating to school immunizations.

Immunization Requirements in Texas Schools and Institutions of Higher Education

Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 97, Subchapter B

Section Title
§97.61 Children and Students Included in Vaccine Requirements
§97.62 Exclusions from Compliance
§97.63 Immunization Requirements in Child-care Facilities, Pre-Kindergarten, Early Childhood Programs, and Texas Elementary and Secondary Schools
§97.64 Required Vaccinations for Students Enrolled in Health-related and Veterinary Courses in Institutions of Higher Education
§97.65 Exceptions to Immunization Requirements (Verification of Immunity/History of Illness)
§97.66 Provisional Enrollment for (Non-Higher Education; Non-Veterinary) Students
§97.67 School Records
§97.68 Acceptable Evidence of Vaccination(s)
§97.69 Transfer of Immunization Records
§97.70 Review of Records and Providing Assistance
§97.71 Annual Report of Immunization Status of Students
§97.72 Additional Vaccination Requirements

Vaccination Against Bacterial Meningitis for Entering Students at Public and Private or Independent Institutions of Higher Education

Texas Administrative Code, Title 19, Part 1, Chapter 21, Subchapter T

Section Title
§21.610 Purpose
§21.611 Authority
§21.612 Definitions
§21.613 Immunization Requirement
§21.614 Exceptions

Minimum Standards for Child-Care Centers Record Keeping

Texas Administrative Code, Title 40, Part 19, Subchapter C, Division 1

Section Title
§746.613 What immunizations are children in my care required to have?
§746.615 Are there exemptions for immunization requirements?
§746.623 What documentation is acceptable for immunization records?
§746.625 If a child's immunization record is already on file at a pre-kindergarten program or school away from the child-care center, must I also have a copy of the child's immunization record in my files?