Rabies Biologicals

As allowed by Texas Health and Safety Code (826.025), the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) may supply post-exposure rabies biologicals (vaccines and rabies immune globulin) only for persons with known or suspected exposures to rabid or potentially rabid animals. DSHS does not, however, dispense vaccine for pre-exposure prophylaxis.

The Immunization Unit purchases and provides rabies biologicals to the DSHS Health Service Region offices and vaccine depots--usually local health departments or hospitals.  Although DSHS requires reimbursement for these biologicals, no one who has a valid exposure to rabies will be denied access to post-exposure treatment because of their inability to pay.

Depending upon the Health Service Region, either the Zoonosis Control program or Immunization Unit staff manages the inventory and distribution of rabies biologicals in their offices and in established depots. Staff collect surveillance information (mandated by Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 97.123 "Provision of Anti-Rabies Biologicals"); provide technical assistance to physicians and their patients regarding post-exposure prophylaxis; follow up on bite reports from local animal control agencies; dispense rabies biologicals as needed; and obtain reimbursement information and agreements.

Anti-Rabies Biological Cost Fees - revised 4/2024

For more information on the guidelines for post-exposure rabies prophylaxis, visit the Zoonosis Control Branch website, or contact the Zoonosis Control Branch at (512) 776-7255. For more information on the availability of rabies biologicals, please contact the Texas Department of State Health Services, Immunization Unit at (800) 252-9152.