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Resources and Training

Manuals and Forms

Texas Vaccine for Children and Adult Safety Net Provider Manual

Stock Number Title Revision Date
11-13602 2024 TVFC and ASN Provider Manual (PDF) 2/2024

Vaccine Inventory, Storage, and Reporting

Stock Number Title Revision Date
C-88 Combined Tally and Physical Inventory (XLS) 02/2012
E11-14498 Vaccine Management Plan Templates 02/2022
EC-67 Vaccine Transfer Authorization Form (PDF) 03/2022
EC-105-FC Temperature Recording Form (Freezer-Celsius) (PDF) 09/2020
EC-105-FF Temperature Recording Form (Freezer - Fahrenheit) (PDF) 09/2020
EC-105-RC Temperature Recording Form (Refrigerator-Celsius) (PDF) 09/2020
EC-105-RF Temperature Recording Form (Refrigerator-Fahrenheit) (PDF) 09/2020
EF11-14171 Vaccine Borrowing Form (PDF) 05/2023

Patient Eligibility / Referral

Stock Number Title Revision Date
C-10 Patient Eligibility Screening Record (Bilingual) (PDF) 05/2017
EF11-13788 Patient Referral Form for Vaccination From Local Health Department or Public Health Clinic (PDF) 08/2016
EF11-13789 TVFC Patient Screening Decision Tree (PDF) 12/2011

Provider Enrollment and Withdrawal

Stock Number Title Revision Date
F11-11443 Provider Withdrawal Form (PDF) 05/2023
11-15016 New Enrollment Checklist 03/2022
11-15224 Changes to Enrollment Form (PDF) 04/2022

Resources and Training

Vaccine Storage and Handling Resources

Stock Number Title Revision Date
E11-13605 Storage Calculation Tool Instructions (PDF) 05/2010
EF11-13613 Storage Calculation Tool (XLS) 05/2010
E11-14481 Best Practices Refrigerated Vaccines F/C (PDF) 07/2019
E11-14482 Best Practices Frozen Vaccines F/C (PDF) 07/2019
E11-14484 Vaccine Temperature Best Practices Fridge F/C (PDF) 07/2019
E11-14483 Vaccine Temperature Best Practices Frozen F/C (PDF) 07/2019