TVFC Best Practices


In order to participate in the TVFC Program, each signingclinician must agree to follow all program requirements.


Re-Enroll with TVFC


The TVFC Program requires that the TVFC Program Agreementand profile be updated annually as these forms are required for continued enrollmentin the TVFC Program. Vaccine shipments may be interrupted for sites withoutcurrent enrollment information on file. Provider re-enrollment must be completed by the posted deadline. 


Update your TVFC Provider Information


Pleasenotify your RE immediately if there is a new signing clinician, new prescribingprovider, change in shipping information, change in facility name, patientpopulation data change, or a change in staff that are assigned theduties as a primary or backup vaccine coordinator. New primary or backupvaccine coordinators are required to complete the CDC “You Call the Shots”Module 10 and 16, the mostcurrent Vaccine Education OnlineTVFC Provider Policy Training module, and the Vaccine Allocation and Ordering System (VAOS)Training.

Failure to properly update current clinic information mayresult in vaccine delays and possible negligent vaccine loss.


Ordering TVFC Vaccine


All vaccines and toxoids recommended by the AdvisoryCommittee and Immunization Practices areavailable from the TVFC Program to enrolled clinic sites. Clinics participatingin the TVFC Program are required to offer all ACIP recommended vaccines to theeligible populations they serve, including influenza vaccine. For moreinformation about TVFC Vaccine Ordering, please see Chapter 3, Section 2 of theTVFC and ASN Provider Manual and review the TVFC/ASN Formulary for available TVFC Vaccines.


Program Evaluation


IQIP is animmunization quality improvement program for health-care providers enrolled inthe TVFC Program. The purpose of IQIP is to promote and support theimplementation of provider-level quality improvement strategies. IQIPstrategies are designed to support health-care providers in identifyingopportunities to increase vaccine uptake in adherence with the AdvisoryCommittee on Immunization Practices (ACIP)-recommended routine immunizationschedule. Read more about IQIP here

Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers Program

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