Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) - Immunization Unit

Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) are information sheets produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that explain to vaccine recipients, their parents, or their legal representatives both the benefits and risks of a vaccine.

Under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), federal law requires that VIS be handed out whenever certain vaccinations are given. Instructions for the use of VIS and record-keeping can be viewed on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention website. Providers should review current CDC requirements for record-keeping. An optional consent form template is provided as an addendum to each VIS below.  

For all questions pertaining to the literature list or order form, please call the Immunizations Unit at 800-252-9152.

NOTE: Federal law allows for VIS to be used for six months after the release of a revised VIS unless the CDC states the new VIS should be used immediately. 

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Stock Number Title Revision
EF11-11161 Anthrax VIS - English (PDF) 01/2020
EF11-11161-add Anthrax VIS Addendum - English (PDF) 03/2010
EF11-11161A Anthrax VIS - Spanish (PDF) 03/2010
EF11-11161A-sup Anthrax VIS Addendum - Spanish (PDF) 03/2010


 Stock Number.  Title  Revision
 11-16676  Dengue Vaccine VIS: English (PDF)  12/17/2021
 11-16676-add  Dengue Vaccine VIS Addendum: English (PDF)  12/2021
 11-16676A  Dengue Vaccine VIS: Spanish (PDF)  12/17/2021
 11-16676-sup  Dengue Vaccine VIS Addendum: Spanish (PDF)  12/2021



Stock Number   Title  Revision
11-16675  Ebola Vaccine VIS: English (PDF)  06/30/2022
11-16675-add  Ebola Vaccine VIS Addendum: English (PDF)  06/2022


Hepatitis A

Stock Number Title Revision
C-95 Hepatitis A Vaccine VIS: English (PDF) 10/15/2021
C-95-add Hepatitis A Vaccine VIS Addendum: English (PDF) 10/2021
C-95A Hepatitis A Vaccine VIS: Spanish (PDF) 10/15/2021
C-95A-sup Hepatitis A Vaccine VIS Addendum: Spanish (PDF) 10/15/2021

Japanese Encephalitis (IXIARO)

Stock Number Title Revision
EF11-12221 Japanese Encephalitis (IXIARO) VIS - English (PDF) 08/15/2019
EF11-12221-add Japanese Encephalitis (IXIARO) VIS Addendum - English (PDF) 08/2019
EF11-12221A Japanese Encephalitis (IXIARO) VIS - Spanish (PDF) 01/24/2014
EF11-12221A-sup Japanese Encephalitis (IXIARO) VIS Addendum - Spanish (PDF) 01/2014

Polio Vaccine

Stock Number Title Revision
C-90 Polio Vaccine VIS: English (PDF) 08/06/2021
C-90-add Polio Vaccine VIS Addendum: English (PDF) 08/2021
C-90A Polio Vaccine VIS: Spanish (PDF) 08/06/2021
C-90A-sup Polio Vaccine VIS Addendum: Spanish (PDF) 08/2021

Rabies Vaccine

Stock Number Title Revision
C-99 Rabies Vaccine VIS: English (PDF) 06/02/2022
C-99-add Rabies Vaccine VIS Addendum: English (PDF) 06/2022
C-99A Rabies Vaccine VIS: Spanish (PDF) 06/02/2022
C-99A-sup Rabies Vaccine VIS Addendum: Spanish (PDF) 06/2022

Rotavirus Vaccine

Stock Number Title Revision
C-110 Rotavirus Vaccine VIS: English (PDF) 10/15/2021
C-110-add Rotavirus Vaccine VIS Addendum: English (PDF) 10/2021
C-110A Rotavirus Vaccine VIS: Spanish (PDF) 10/15/2021
C-110A-sup Rotavirus Vaccine VIS Addendum: Spanish (PDF) 10/2021

Smallpox/Monkeypox Vaccine

Stock Number   Title  Revision
11-16677   Smallpox/Monkeypox Vaccine VIS: English (PDF)  11/2022
11-16677-add  Smallpox/Monkeypox Vaccine VIS Addendum: English (PDF)  11/2022
11-16677A  Smallpox/Monkeypox Vaccine VIS: Spanish (PDF)  11/14/2022
11-16677-sup  Smallpox/Monkeypox Vaccine VIS Addendum: Spanish (PDF)  11/2022

Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria) Vaccine 

Stock Number Title Revision
C-94 Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria) Vaccine VIS: English (PDF) 08/06/2021
C-94-add Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria) Vaccine VIS Addendum: English (PDF) 08/2021
C-94A Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria) Vaccine VIS: Spanish (PDF) 08/06/2021
C-94A-sup Td (Tetanus, Diphtheria) Vaccine VIS Addendum: Spanish (PDF) 08/2021


Stock Number Title Revision
EF11-12050 Typhoid VIS - English (PDF) 10/30/2019
EF11-12050-add Typhoid VIS Addendum - English (PDF) 10/2019
EF11-12050A Typhoid VIS - Spanish (PDF) 05/29/2012
EF11-12050A-sup Typhoid VIS Addendum - Spanish (PDF) 05/2012

Yellow Fever

Stock Number Title Revision
EF11-12051 Yellow Fever VIS - English (PDF) 04/01/2020
EF11-12051-add Yellow Fever VIS Addendum - English (PDF) 04/2020
EF11-12051A Yellow Fever VIS - Spanish (PDF) 03/30/2011
EF11-12051A-sup Yellow Fever VIS Addendum - Spanish (PDF) 03/2011