Laboratory Services Section - Testing Services

Principal Texas State Drinking Water Laboratory


The Environmental Sciences Branch provides analytical services to

  • DSHS
  • Other government agencies
  • Water utilities
  • Consulting and engineering firms
  • Businesses
  • Individuals / homeowners

Sample Types



Drinking water

Individuals served by public water systems

EPA Safe Drinking Water Act

Drinking water

Individuals served by public water systems

EPA Lead-Copper Rule

Indoor air samples for organic chemicals

Individuals affected by specific problems

DSHS Indoor Air Quality Program

Water for fluoride content

Individuals served by public water systems with fluoridated water

DSHS Oral Health Group

Water, soil, vegetation, air for radionuclides

Individuals in proximity to sources of radioactive materials

DSHS Radiation Control

Food products, bottled water


DSHS Foods Group, Manufactured Foods Division

Meat products for protein, fat, moisture

Consumers of meat products produced in Texas

DSHS Meat Safety Assurance Unit

Water and soil

Individuals in proximity to uranium mining sites

TCEQ UIC, Industrial and Hazardous Waste Program

Consumer products (toys, jewelry, etc.)


DSHS Product Safety Group

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