Somatic Cell Count- ESCC (Goat) - Milk and Dairy

Laboratory Fee Schedule

Procedure #: MZZ0409A



Synonym(s): SCC; ESCC; Somacount FC
Requisition Form G-84; G-21; G-21 RR
Test Description The Somacount 150 employs technology originally designed for the medical industry, namely “flow cytometry” to detect the number of white blood cells (WBC) in milk.  When cows in the herd have an infection or inflammation, particularly mastitis, the WBC count increases.  An increase in WBCs affects the milk quality, can decrease the shelf life, and affects cheese and other cultured milk products.    
Pre-Approval Needed Regulatory
Supplemental Information Required N/A
Supplemental Form(s) N/A  
Performed on Specimens from (sources) Milk
Sample/Specimen Type for Testing

Raw Goat Milk

Minimum Volume/Size Required

100 mL

Storage/Preservation Prior to Shipping
  • Place milk sample in sterile zip-lock or whirlpack bag or other sterile plastic container.
  • Store on ice.  Must be kept between 0.0°C and 4.5°C.
Transport Medium N/A
Specimen Labeling Sample Identification must match submission form.
Shipping and Specimen Handling Requirements
  • Ship samples on Ice and/or Ice Packs.
  • Samples must be shipped for overnight delivery.
  • Ship according to Dangerous Good Regulations, IATA, and/or CFR 49.
Method FORM FDA/NCIMS 2400h-2 Bentley Somacount™
Turn-around Time 4 Days


Common Causes for Rejection
  • Insufficient specimen
  • Not collected by a Registered Sanitarian
  • Improperly stored.
  • Failure to meet shipping guidelines.
Additional Information N/A